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“Robin we need yo-” Aqualad tried to finish his sentence as quickly as he could but the psychic link went down before he could finish.

“Aqualad, come in Aqualad. M’gann? Artemis? Superboy?” Robin tried to use his com-link to communicate with his team but to no avail. He turned to Kid Flash, “Can you reach them?’

“Nope, should we abandon our post and try to find them?”

“It sounds like that’s what Aqualad wanted us to do.”

“Yea, I mean we already took out the guards here.”

“You go see if you can find them. I’ll make sure that the target doesn’t come this way.”

“Deal,” KF ran off but was back seconds later with a surprised and amused look on his face. “The targets gone and the team’s fine.”

Robin punched the nearest tree. “How did he get away?”

Kid scooped Robin up into his arms and sped off into the direction he came from, “I have an idea.” He stopped and dropped Robin.

Robin looked around and sighed when he didn’t see any signs of their target. “This isn’t funny KF!”

“Look down Rob.”

Robin looked down and noticed four tiny babies squirming in clothes five times too big for them. “You have got to be kidding me.”

“Batman said he was working on a weapon. I guess he didn’t expect it’d be a deaging weapon. Besides, look at how cute they are!”

“That’s why the link went down! M’gann must not be strong enough to support it. Okay let’s just grab them and get back home. Hopefully it will where off, if not, maybe Batman will have an antidote.” Robin went over to M’gann and picked up the smiling green baby then picked up Aqualad who was fascinated with a puddle on the floor.

“Who knows this might be fun. You, me, babysitting our best friends.” Wally scooped Artemis into an arm and tried to control her angry squirms before he attempted to pick up Superboy.

“Shut up Wally, this isn’t funny.”

“I don’t know it kind of is,” Wally quickly pecked Robin’s cheek then walked off towards the bioship.

Robin turned bright red. He and Wally had been dating for almost two years now, but Wally had never kissed him during a mission. Even small kisses like that made Robin turn redder than his uniform.


Dick and Wally entered the cave and set the four baby heroes on the couch. Dick shed his mask and draped his cape over the babies, hoping it would distract them.

Wally pulled off his cowl and sat on the floor in front of the couch to make sure his friends didn’t fall off. “Hey babe, what are we going to do about feeding these guys? I mean we don’t have baby food or bottles.”

“We have milk and Alfred keeps bottles at the manor just in case.”

“In case of what?”

“You know, if Bruce adopts even younger then he has in the past, or we save some poor baby orphan. Who knows, the possibilities are endless in Gotham. I’ll see if he can have Bruce bring them when he comes back here.” Dick pulled out his phone and dialed the number for the manor. “Hey Alfred, can you put Bruce on speaker? I need to talk to both of you, thanks. Okay so the whole team besides for Wally and I were deaged. I was wondering if you could come over here and look at them, see if they need an antidote. Also, we need those spare bottles we keep in the kitchen. Thanks, yea we’ll be fine till then.”

“What’s the word pretty bird?”

“Bruce will be over soon. Then he’ll work on an antidote while we feed the team.”

“Great, now come over here and sit down, you work two much and you’re not even the leader.”

Dick sighed and sat beside his boyfriend. He rested his head on Wally’s shoulder as he watched his team. Wally curled his fingers around Dick’s and rested them on his thighs. Dick had to free his hand and grab M’gann when she suddenly levitated off the couch and began floating upside down. She giggled as she floated out of Superboy’s grasps and a frustrated look crossed his face. Dick put her in his lap and rested a hand on her, to keep her in place. Superboy began to cry when M’gann was taken away and Wally had to put him in his lap to keep him calm and close to her.

Batman arrived just in time. Dick and Wally thought they were going to lose it when Superboy began to climb onto Wally’s head and pull on his head so hard, Wally thought he’d rip his scalp off. M’gann began to fly again when Dick had to let go to stop Artemis from choking Aqualad with her tiny baby arms.

Batman pulled M’gann down and gently pried Superboy away from Wally. He sent them down and helped Dick pry Artemis away from Aqualad. “I see the mission was a complete failure. Is the target at least secure?”

“No sir,” Dick tried to avoid his mentor’s gaze. “The team had him at their end of the building while Wally and I were doing perimeter. He used the weapon on them and escaped.”

“That is disappointing to hear. Let me analyze the situation, go make yourselves useful.” Bruce shoved a bag full of baby bottles into Dick’s arms and another bag full of powdered formula into Wally’s.

Dick nodded and walked into the kitchen with Wally on his heels. “Is he like that in Gotham?”

“Yea, expect it doesn’t happen as much because he doesn’t except failure. If I don’t do well on my part he does both of our jobs to make sure we don’t fail.”

Wally handed Dick a packet of formula to mix into the bottles, “Geez. Well that was fun, you know looking after super babies.” Wally smiled and rubbed the top of his head.

Dick smiled, he put his hands on Wally’s head, stood on his tippy toes, and bent his head forward to kiss the top. “At least we have blackmail on everyone. Artemis was the baby terrorist. Aqualad lost a battle to Artemis, the baby terrorist. Superboy was way too clingy to M’gann and he nearly ripped your brains out. M’gann was just the floating baby from hell.”

Wally laughed as he put the bottles in the microwave. “You are always the optimist.”

Dick smiled, “Yes, yes I am.”

Wally removed the bottles and tested the warmth on his skin. He handed two to Dick and they walked back to the couch. “Any news?” Wally asked Batman.

“Yes I found pollen on all of their skin. If I can find reverse pollen, I can reverse the effect. Do you two mind taking care of them while I work on this?”

“No,” Dick smiled at his mentor as he put Aqualad and Artemis onto his lap and put a bottle to each of their lips.

Wally sat beside him with Superboy and M’gann, “I second that.”

“I will work as fast as I can and return here when I have the antidote. Dick if you need anything, you know to call Alfred?”

“Of course,” Dick sighed and smiled. Always call Alfred with these kinds of problems.

Wally smiled at Dick as he looked at the happy smile on his boyfriends face as he fed the babies. “What’s got you so happy?”

“I just love kids. It doesn’t matter that these are our teammates and that they’re all older than me. I mean just look at the way their tiny hands try to curl around the bottle.” Dick smiled at the two tiny babies in his lap.

Wally smiled at his boyfriend. “You’d make a great parent, you know that?” He leaned in and kissed Dick’s cheek.

Dick turned his head and kissed Wally’s lips, “So would you.”

“Maybe one day,” Wally sighed against Dick’s lips before kissing him again.
Dick and Wally have to take care of the rest of the team after they are deaged into cute, not so innocent, babies.
I do not own DC!
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